Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination of the mare is a process where the mare and stallion do not come into contact, this reduces the risk of injury and of bacteria getting inside the mare. The process is very exact and has excellent results.

A very brief outline of the process is as follows;

The mare owner will contact us to tell us that her mare is in season and which stallion she would like to use.

Payment is taken for the semen, collection and delivery

The mare owner will have the mare ultrasound scanned and will predict approximately when the semen will be needed, it is very important to keep the stud informed as they will need to send out the semen by next day delivery and weekends are often more difficult with regards to delivery

When the mares vet tells the owner to order the semen, they stallion is collected from, chilled, packaged and sent by next day delivery

The vet will then inseminate the mare when she is ready

Alternatively, we can take the stress out of breeding your mare and do it all in house. Please enquire for more details.