Calficado Programme

As a experienced producer of Spanish Horses I have now turned my attention to the increasingly important Calificado grading for Pure Bred Mares and Stallions.

Calificado grading can be completed once the horse has passed the basic grading and has been accepted into the stud book. This grading brings with it huge kudos, increases the value of your horse and allows Stallions to send semen all over the world and Mares to do embryo transfers. It is a very important tool in the improvement of breeding stock all around the world and to increase sales at your stud farm.

For the Calificado grading a Mare or Stallion must have a vet check, this includes x-rays of the leg joints and also a reproductive examination.Once they have passed this stage the mares are presented in hand and the stallions under saddle, they are marked on conformation and movement.

It is very important that the horses are prepared properly for the Calificado grading so they are ready and this is where we come in, with our show experience we are in the perfect position to prepare the horses, arrange transport to Spain to complete the grading and also to do all the paper work needed. We have contacts in Spain where the horses can stay during the Calificado grading and top class Spanish presenters for the horses.


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